Friday, February 05, 2010

On guard!

Kristi brought two play swords for the boys from New Mexico. They are still figuring out how to use them, but quite honestly, Elijah has gotten the hang of it a little quicker than Isaac. Check out these skills:

Take that Kristi!

Kristi's little Ryan is a lot like Elijah so she has enjoyed playing rough with him just like she does with her son. She's also taken the time to sit and read a ton of books with Isaac and show him the animal application on her iphone. He loves that! Here's a picture of Kristi and Eiljah. I tried to include Isaac but he quickly ran off. He had no desire for photos today.

Kristi and I had a wonderful day. The kind of day two friends who haven't seen each other in quite some time should have. We took the morning casually but then headed out about 10:30. We picked up some Starbucks for Kristi and water for me (I don't drink coffee if you didn't know) and then dropped the boys off at Joia's. We got pedicures (Kristi pink and me blue) and then had lunch at Giuseppi's Wharf in Niceville where we split two lunches and a "death by chocolate" dessert.

This evening we had leftovers from the dinner JB made last night. (I think they are even better the second time around) and then spent some time decorating cupcakes for Elijah's first birthday party tomorrow. I won't put pictures of them up yet, but I am really proud of them. However, I must put a shout out to my friend Brittney. You'll see why tomorrow, but I totally copied one of her ideas in making the cupcakes. I'm not very crafty but with JB and Kristi's help (okay so they did most of it) we totally had some successful results.

Tomorrow . . . Elijah's first birthday and then some girl time! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I looove Elijah's cute little belly! And yaaaay for girl time! It is great isn't it??


mom h said...

Sounds like an awesome day. I'm so happy for you nim! I wish I could be at the party today. That will be so fun. Kiss my boys for me! Give Kristi a hug. Loveyoubig!!!

Brittny said...

She is too cute!! nd I love Elijah without his shirt one. They look like little men when they do that! Can't wait to see what you did with the cupcakes!!! (Sophie sang "happy bird-day Ewi-wah" last night when i reminded them about the party.)

Anonymous said...

The swords are crazy:)I can see some pretty funny videos coming!
I know it will be a great birthday party-can't wait to see the pictures!
mom k

Rabens Family said...

I am very curious about these cupcakes. Can't wait to see them. Feel free to steal craft ideas anytime. :) We wish we could be there for the birthday party. Now that we are celebrating with you guys in spirit. Love you all. Kisses and hugs to the birthday boy and his big brother.

Jess said...

Have a great party!! Elijah's baby chub slays me...I LOVE a good belly on a little one!

Anonymous said...

My boys have those same swords and they love them.


denise said...

oooh, my boys are jealous of those swords! So cute. Love that little belly on that boys!

Tell Kristi to try the Balloonamils app and Bubble Wrap app on her phone. My boys LOVE them both!

Anonymous said...

i'm happy to see a good mom here.
your boy is cute and beautiful.
i'm Masi.
having good friends in life is the best fortune in life.
good luck dear.
kiss your boy.