Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First capri-sun; second pair of boots

Today was an exciting day! Not only did Moriah come to visit us in the morning while her big brother had tubes put in his ears, but our friend Tracy came to visit in the afternoon! Such excitement!

Today, Isaac had his first capri-sun. He did quite well with it!

And then, even more excitement when Daddy came home with the mail! A new pair of boots from "Itsy" (aka Kristi). These are frog boots. Isaac actually calls frogs "boo-boos" since we have a boo-boo frog in our fridge for when we get boo-boos. At least I think these are frogs? Either way, the boys LOVE them! Here's a few snaps.

Elijah got to wear them first but only because Isaac was still eating his snack.

As soon as he got down, it was quickly evident that the boo-boo boots should be for Isaac and then cars should be for Elijah! At least for a few minutes. Later in the evening we swapped things around and, in fact, Isaac went to sleep with one frog and one car on!

Isaac, recently, has decided that picture taking is just a horrible idea! Here he is just before he turned his back on me!

Well, the boys are in bed and JB is packing. He is leaving on Friday morning for a Wilderness Medicine Conference in Utah. From there he will fly to New Orleans where he will present his snake bite presentation for the USAFP (Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians.)
Don't despair for me however! Joan to the rescue! Yipeee! She is flying in tomorrow morning to spend the week with me. What a great friend she is. We are actually going to be going to New Orleans next weekend to meet and pick up JB and then Joan will fly back home from there. I am so blessed to have someone here to help me during my hubby's week away.
. . . off to help him do some more packing!


Anonymous said...

I'm all packed and ready to go....can't wait.
Joni pony

Anonymous said...

Have a blast you guys! Looking forward to all the pictures!!
grandma k
ps LOVE the boots:)