Tuesday, February 16, 2010


JB was home yesterday for the holiday! What a treat! However, he did need a lot of time to work on his snake bit presentation. He is presenting this at a conference in New Orleans in a little over a week so he has a lot to do on it. Our table leader from MOPs, Nancy, was having a little play date yesterday after naps. It was a perfect opportunity for me to give JB a little time to get some work done without interruptions. We had a wonderful time. There were a whole lot of boys and toys to play with. Good fun, new friends, and a wonderful hostess. Here are some pics of our evening.

Attempting to get a pic of all the boys (minus 2 who already left). Isaac was having NONE of it!

The group minus Isaac who was not interested in that picture thing at all!

An attempt at a photo during dinner.

Isaac doing some reading eavesdropping!


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