Monday, October 20, 2008

What a life!

Look at all the fun Scrubs got to have while we were away!

This is Jodi's nephew Gavin. Apparently the pair dug holes together in Jodi's backyard. Scrubs was so happy, he decided to give Gavin a big kiss. Digging holes and licking! What could be better? Scrubs isn't allowed to dig in our backyard so this is a major fun time for him!

This picture gives me good thoughts about how fun it is going to be for Scrubs when our two boys can romp with him. They are going to be buds for life!

What could be better than digging and licking? Maybe getting ultimate control of Jodi's couch! (A luxury he doesn't get to enjoy at our house either.) Do you think he is enjoying this?

Thanks for the pictures Jodi and taking such good care of our pup while we were gone. I was happy to hear that each time Jodi watches him, his behavior improves. As Jodi told me, "He's growing up Wendi!" Aaaahh, at long last.

Scrubs was very excited to see us last night when we got home, running through our legs over and over and over again. But then, after a few minutes of pleasantries, he ran right into the hallway, waiting for us to play with the flashlight. Our dog's love language will always be play.

We really missed him and are glad to be home. Although, somewhere, in the deep recesses of Scrubby's doggy-mind, I think he is thinking: It's good to see you, but when are you leaving again? That hole-digging, licking little boys, couch thing, hanging with Jodi, was mighty fine by me!


Anonymous said...

I could not resist the couch pics. He really liked the pillows so I made sure there was a pillow on each end of the couch. It was quite funny! I don't want you to think I'm teaching him all these bad habits. I did slow down/stop the digging once Gavin was gone. Every time Scrubs would start digging I'd tell him no and he would stop. There were a few times I wasn't outside with him and he would get a good hole started again. Oh well, that's what rakes and shovels are for.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I think it's like going to Grama's house! You are always supposed to have more fun at Grama's house then you do at home. I say that while I am away, you let him play! :) You are the best Jodi. Rake away!

AW said...

This TOTALLY reminds me of going to Gramma's house. We just went away for the weekend and JK was at Gramma's for three days. I'm not sure what they do over there, but he is IN LOVE with his Nana! Which of course, I love. It allows me to enjoy my time away without fretting about whether or not he's okay. Of course he's okay! He's okay and having the time of his life! ;-)