Monday, October 20, 2008

Backing up to Friday . . .

All right, a bit of trip recap. Backing up to Friday . . .

On Friday afternoon, JB got an extra long break. We were able to go and see the other sections of Arches National Park that we had missed on our previous visit. We were unable to do any major hikes being as we had a five month old and I am not really in "hiking condition" currently. But you could still see a lot from the road or from the short "friendly" walks that we did.

I think they call this the "Wicked Sisters".

On the way to the park, JB took me to the location that he got to take his first stab at mountain climbing. JB really loved this new sport. I'm pretty proud of him for climbing this "wall." It was basically straight up!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of JB and Isaac!!
What beautiful country!

Debbie said...

We were just at Arches National Park! We left the day you guys were coming there. Just had to say (because it was my daughter's favorite rock formation, go figure) that the one you said was named 'wicked sisters' is actually named the Three Gossips. :)

~Debbie (from Hannah's Prayer--- (BakerDebbie)