Thursday, October 30, 2008

A night at the Fair

Last night we decided to go to the County Fair with two of JB's fellow residents and their families. Wednesday was "Military Appreciation Night" so we got in free! I'm all for that. It was really our first sort of "family field trip". We had a great time. Below, I've included some photos from the event. For even more pics of our evening, you can drop in on Joia's blog HERE.

Our group: Joia, Phillip and Keenan -- us -- Eric, Andrea, and Jonathon

Eric riding the racecar all by himself. Okay, so Jonathon was next to him. JB thought it would be funny to get a picture of Eric appearing to ride all by himself. :)

Two of my great Eglin friends, and fellow soon-to-be-second-time-moms. That's Andrea on the left (currently 35 weeks), me in the middle (27 weeks), and Joia on the right (31 weeks). Andrea is having a girl, which they plan to name Cloe. But Joia is waiting for the big day to find out.

It was a chilly night. We realized we don't have any mittens for Isaac so he borrowed a pair of his buddy Keenan's. Isaac loved looking at all the lights and hearing all the noises.

Isaac and Daddy trying to stay warm.

We opted to be the stroller-watchers while these groups took a turn on the Ferris Wheel.

Isaac and me.

JB's main motivation for the fair: 4H animals. There weren't very many to see but he and Isaac had a good time with what was there nonetheless.

And here is a video of our group hanging out with the 4H poultry.


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff:) I love the rosey cheeks!

Anonymous said...

That was from me!
grandma k
did I spell rosey/rosy?? right?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time.

Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf said...

Looks like a fun time!!

I missed the Pensacola Interstate Fair this year, it ended Saturday I think. =(

~ Monika (from HP)

Gabbs said...

Awww, my little Isaac is soooo cute!! I miss the little chub. =)