Monday, August 22, 2022

Turkey Processing

Turkey processing day 2022. We processed 83 or 84 birds (count was off a bit somehow.) Average weight was 17.49 pounds. We had 26 people there to process including:

  • Law Family (Nick, Erin, one daughter Allie, and Erin's mom, Myra)
  • Jessica Price and her boyfriend, Bob, and daughter Bailey
  • Travis Chapman and his two sons: Lucas and David
  • Anni the great
  • Grandparents
  • Our whole family
  • Entire Kotynski family (minus Theo and Gabe)
At some point, I need to write about the day, but while the event was fantastic and there were no major issues, we were incredibly disappointed at the end of it all which is hard to stomach. It cost us $7,500 to feed the birds. And we made nearly exactly $7,500 selling the birds at $6 a pound. Because of feed costs that rose right before and during the event, we were unable to make any money.

Overall, this isn't a huge deal. But Isaac and Sidge were doing this as a business venture. They worked their tails off for the profit. It was so sad to see that there was no profit. Even more, it is hard to feel like it is impossible for small family farms CAN'T make a living if they do things "right." You have to compromise on feed or quality or something to make it work. 

For John and I, it doesn't matter much. He has a fantastic off-the-farm-job. But if Sidge (especially -- as he shows the most interest) wants to support himself ON his farm, can he do that? We just aren't sure. And that made us sad.

We, honestly, would have to go up to $8-$10 a pound to make money on the birds. That amount feels so astronomical and is unaffordable by most people. Which really bothers us. 

We are still working to "process" the processing day sadness while so blessed by all the people who joined us and had a party with us here in Bulls Gap. Twenty-six people working together is super fun and we accomplished a lot.


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