Thursday, August 04, 2022


While JB is gone, I'm holding down the fort. My headaches/migraines are relentless. I am at a place and complete and utter frustration. I truly don't know what else to do. And I feel like I've tried everything. I find it completely unfair and horrendous that I have to battle these after so many years of battling my hormones. Why can't my body work the right way? The way it is supposed to? I just want it to end. So bad.

For those who have suggestions, I do welcome them, but to be honest, every suggestion feels likes weeks/months of trying something only for it to not work. Everything costs more money. Takes more time. And I am raising/farming/growing my children which takes so much of me.

I just want my head to not hurt. For right now, I'd take one day off.

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DDT said...

I haven't tried it personally, and I know it's not something that everyone is comfortable with, but I have heard a lot about botox for migraines lately. I have seen a lot of people have great success with it. Praying for healing