Saturday, August 27, 2022

AUDITION for Genesis


    I took ONE measly photo at today's ballet audition. ONE! And that was because, at the very end, I remembered I had told Jessica I would try to take a photo of the girls at the tryout. The last second I remembered and took this one measly picture. :)

    Hannah auditioned too. Zero pictures of her. Mom of the year here. To be fair, I was helping with the audition this year (We are doing "GENESIS" which should be very cool!) Between helping new Mamas figure out what they were doing and managing my THREE kiddos (yes! Isaac has joined the audition group this year in a male acting role!) it was all I could handle.

    Add to that ... we leave MONDAY for Vermont. So excited, as always, for another annual Vermont trip but feeling so overwhelmed with the idea of having to get everything ready on the farm. Normally John would help, but he has three 12-hour shifts (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) before we pack up the vehicle and depart as soon as co-op is done on Monday. Not sure that was the best way to launch into a vacation.

    Either way, this audition is done which takes a load off of us as we jump into the week.

    My friend Jennifer Tipton, captured this picture of her daughter Alyssa and my Abigail. Now I have TWO pictures :)

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