Thursday, August 18, 2022

Happy Birthday Anni!

Today is our dear friend (and surrogate family member) Anni's birthday. Here are some things we LOVE about Anni:

  • She's loyal
  • She's laid back
  • She loves the Lord
  • She loves animals
  • She is so giving
  • She's SO helpful
  • The kids all feel safe/comfortable around here
  • She lives by us (now!)
  • She makes amazing goat soap and barters with us for eggs!
  • She has a beautiful little daughter Tris who is making sure we always have little kids around here!

Here are just a few pictures from our life with Anni. We sort of met her randomly ... but the Lord wanted our lives to intersect! We feel called to help her raise Tris in a Godly community and to be her "local family" while her own is away in Pennyslvania.

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