Thursday, August 04, 2022

More pics from Colorado

JB and little Hannah are still in Colorado where he is "working" to earn his CME (Continuing Medical Education). I have seen very few pictures of him in a classroom. Ha! It seems this is mostly learning outside. 

I must admit, their pictures look idyllic, and I can only imagine what fun they are having. I have nearly (for sure) decided that next year it will be my turn to take the trip with JB. Everyone has been through the circuit, and it is my turn.

Here are some pictures from their horseback riding adventures (including a note Hannah wrote to Grama K. to tell her about her adventures):

They attended a lecture called "Kids in the Wilderness." A missionary in Chad, on furlough, they are hiking the Continental Divide Trail with a one-year-old. (Last furlough they did the Appalachian Trail with a four-year-old who was the youngest to complete it. Unassisted.) (This sounds like insanity to me.)

And now it is on to today's adventures: White Water Rafting! Hannah was the youngest on her raft. She was given an opportunity to just sit and be dead weight. No way! Not her!

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