Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Four kids and their superpowers

There are parental moments that are worthy of entire chapters in the book I am constantly, hypothetically writing in my head. 

Road trip. I’m driving. We’ve decided to get all school work done on the two-day, 17+ hour trip to Vermont. 

This leaves John in charge. And all four kids decided to implement their individual super powers at one time to take him down. 

He’s giving a spelling test. Child taking test is whining and crying. It’s what that child does best. 

Child #2 has a different super power. His/her power is freezing when faced with something that seems too challenging. This child has frozen over a science question that he/she absolutely knows the answer to and is refusing to answer it. Tears have begun. Snotty nose is not far behind 

Child #3 had a super power that involves not wanting to be bothered by anyone else’s needs. If a sibling need something handed to them and this child is occupied, they get upset about being inconvenienced. It’s sort of Selfishness but it is also sort of frantic scheduling and perfectionism. 

Our child #4 has a history of procrastination. But when we nag to get work done, this child gets mad we are nagging and won’t admit they have an issue with procrastination so we aren’t supposed to nag, but we aren’t supposed to allow him/her to fail to get work done wither. 

Road trip. I’m driving. We’ve decided to get all school work done on the 17+ hour drive to Vermont. 

John was like a ninja. Jumping from kid to kid and administering spelling test — just as accident occurred and he jumped up to check on and find an impaired elderly woman obviously high behind the wheel. 

“They tried to get me,” he said. “All four super powers at once! But I am invincible!”

(I do think they challenged him which always feels great for me to see.)

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