Monday, December 27, 2021

How Infertility and the military connects humans


Yesterday, I got to have lunch with a now-dear friend: LaShea (pictured at left with our mutual friend Linda and her little baby, Eli.) We forgot to take a picture which, for a Blogger, almost feels like we didn't meet at all. But we did, and it was great. LaShea has been an encouragement to me to keep using my voice to show Christ's love online. Two different times when I thought about getting off of social media entirely, she encouraged me to keep talking. She is a person who helps assure that I am not living in an echo chamber. She reminds me of important things that I need to keep in mind.

We were stationed in Turkey with Linda and her husband Shane from 2010-2012. After Turkey, Shane and Linda went to Germany. They met LaShea. We moved to the Azores. LaShea lives in Germany also. LaShea met Linda. 

Connected with Crystal Bowman, I got involved with an infertility book: Mothers in Waiting! Linda connected me with LaShea. LaShea wrote a chapter for the book too. We became friends. 

I love how the military and infertility and the military connects people who otherwise may never have met.

Four years ago, we had the opportunity to meet in person. Yesterday, we finally had our second lunch!

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