Sunday, December 05, 2021

Downtown Greeneville Christmas Celebration

On Saturday evening, I offered to help serve at Catalyst Coffee Company (a non-profit organization associated with our church). They were providing FREE cookies to decorate for the community during the downtown Greeneville Christmas celebrations.

I have never participated in this event. To be quite frank: we are not hugely into doing things with big groups or being out late at night. It's not our family's "way." However, with COVID, we really found ourself not as involved with our church. Sundays became days we didn't always make it depending on how bad the week had gone for JB at work. 

We have decided that during this season of our life, we are going to do our part in "helping people find and follow Jesus" by serving at events with our church. I think it is vital to teach my children to GIVE and especially to GIVE in the name of Jesus. 

I took Zach and Zoey, Hannah and Abigail, and Genevieve and Eoin downtown with me. We helped get everything set up for the cookie event. Then, Aunt Hannah and Miss Erin showed up to take the kids around to do some of the activities during the volunteer time. 

Here are some pictures from the evening. I'm mostly letting them post randomly and letting them speak for themselves.

I will say that Abigail was the only kid who wanted no part of sitting on Santa's lap. I forget how shy she always was (and still is deep down inside.) Also, Zach is the only "still believing" member of the group :) 

Two of the 8 McCoy kids. Zoey has become good friends with Lotty (from co-op.) Isabella is on the right.

Lexa who is Maryah's cousin/sister has become one of Abigail's good friends. They attend co-op and ballet together.

 Here are a few videos from the night:

  1. Zach and Zoey with Santa wishing their Daddy a Merry Christmas. (This made me cry). 
  2. Hannah telling Santa she wants Legos for Christmas, and Hannah telling Santa she isn't good at cleaning them up. 
  3. Candlelight singing. Man I love the South and that Jesus is still the MAIN reason for the season here. 

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