Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Hiking Day

Erin's sister, Jess, came into town for a visit. She is a wonderful soul, and it was so fun getting to know her. On Sunday after church, while JB and I went shopping with the boys (and Hannah), Erin and her sister took Abigail and Zach and Zoey on a hike. Here are some pictures from their hike:

John and I went shopping with the boys while they were hiking. Here is what I wrote on Facebook about our shopping adventure:

We NEVER shop for clothes. I have done all hand-me-downs since my kids were born. But today, with boys wearing 30-30 and 29-33, we decided these items are no longer attainable. Because my boys told me I don’t know how to not be embarrassing when they shop, John Kitsteiner and I went to Kohl’s together with the boys. Man, how exhausting. None of us like to shop at ALL. The boys both said they’d choose multiple shots in the arm over shopping. Us too. And clothes are so expensive new!

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