Sunday, December 12, 2021


I went to college at Western Kentucky University. I lived in Bowling Green from 1995-1999 and then lived in neighboring Franklin, Kentucky from 1999-2003. John and I were married in Bowling Green. 

Yesterday around 2am, a tornado rolled through the USA -- hitting many States along the way. While not official yet, they believe it may have been the longest one tornado stayed on the ground. 

Bowling Green was hit hard. Mayfield, Kentucky was hit really hard. It's so interesting. When you've lived in a lot of places like I have, there's a little bit of your heart in each of those spots.

And there's a little bit of me still in Kentucky. In fact, without Kentucky, I highly doubt we would have ever permanently settled in TN. It was those years that gave us an understanding and appreciation of the South.

Praying for my ol' Kentucky home.

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