Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sweet moments

John and little Z. Are brainstorming about which chickens she should buy. We are currently incubating 100 or so if our own little chicken eggs. Big sister wanted to purchase a few of her own baby chicks that she can watch grow while she is here. 

She lured over the “Murray McMurray” catalog and picked the ones she loved. Based on availability, she and her little brother got a half dozen. 

My husband is throughly enjoying these visiting children because of their wide-eyed wonderment of his farm. He’s currently on a three day work run (three 12-hour shifts) which turns more into 14-hours when it’s all said and done. 

Covid is getting really, really bad again, and it is incredibly painful to see him entering through the side door to shower again when he gets home. If I think about it, I cry. I tell myself: “this shouldn’t be a big deal.” But it is. It’s an emotional clobbering to be in the thick of this monster. 

Jesus, take my wheel. 

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TAV said...

Had a COVID + (unvaccinated) mom birth alone this weekend (husband also in isolation) and being there while she FaceTimed him after the baby was here brought me to tears. He missed the live birth of his child— such sad times.