Sunday, August 29, 2021

Beauty and the Beast

Abigail and Hannah had their tryout for the January 2022 production Beauty and the Beast. Abigail is a "junior" now. I love this picture of her below with some of her friends. (She's the one with the red mask on.) This picture includes (from left): Abbie, Bailey, Alyssa, Emma, Abigail, Sophie, and JohnnaBeth. 

A close up without the mask on:

I didn't get to watch Abigail's tryout but here is a picture I found on the website: 

Genevieve and Hannah tried out as well. (Actually ever Kotynski kid tried. And my Sidge will be backstage and Isaac is going to be in a battle scene.) Here are the two little girls below with the stickers they got:


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