Sunday, August 15, 2021

A Good Reminder

So often I realize what a blessing it is to have my husband, a man who has studied and worked with mental health for almost two decades.

As I watch my own self navigate mental health, and two of my three children dealing with challenges brought on by anxiety and depression, I am reminded how important it is that we are intentional with ourselves and our children.

A few months ago I had to cancel attending a wedding that I really wanted to go to. I felt awful, but one of my kiddos was struggling, I didn't have a babysitter, and I knew he HAD to come first. I needed to be home with us not push him through an event with tons of people.

Are you prepared to do that? Are you prepared to sacrifice what you want to do so that your kids (and your own darned self!) get what they need? It isn't easy, and had my husband not said, "I'm making a statement: you need to stay home," I might have still tried to go even the Holy Spirit was jumping up and down saying "NO! TOO MUCH! STOP!"

You MUST take care of your mental health -- and now, right now in our world, this is more important than ever.

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