Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Kelsey spends times with us in Vermont

My friend Kelsey and I go way back to 2003 and Rochester, Minnesota. 

Our story is racked with grief and loss as we both faced incredibly hard journeys as humans. For a Kelsey, her loss overlapped intensely with our friendship, and we were bound together forever. 

Her journey would overlap with me yet again in TN, and now, despite her being in Denver, we are sisters for life. We have also decided we’d like to include her on some of our family vacations. My heart is with single women and those who wives who long for children … and I am called to the orphan and the widow. 

Kelsey is pure kindness. She sees the world with eyes wide open. She is game for nearly any adventure you can suggest. She is present in the moment. She is the godmother of my children, and I am so blessed to have her play a role in their lives. 

Here are some pictures of her with my boys as babies: 

And here is during the six weeks we spent together in Africa with our friends Ajit and Tara. 

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