Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Z&Z: BlackBerry Jam with Grama

I love kids doing new things. Any new thing is a thing in their deposit box no one can ever steal! They have learned something, it’s tucked away. They can use it someday to determine what they love or what they want to try again. When they are working a high rise job in NYC, their mind can hold onto that time they lived on a farm. Or maybe, because of that job on the farm, they choose to not work that job at all. 

When they see how much blackberry jam costs locally, they’ll know what it took to make it. They’ll appreciate the effort they put in to picking the very food that eventually went into their bellies. To work for something you eat makes every bite all the sweeter. 

Watching my own kids on a farm, inputting all this new data, has been one of the best gifts of my life. Getting to see it through kids staying on our farm is proving a whole different gift to me. I can share this green grass with other children. They can do things that kids should do like run without abandon and play outside without having to be watched closely. 

This place of respite snd refuge continues to bring people. Sometimes there are so many people I wonder if it is restful at all. But yet, I continue to let the Holy Spirit guide me in who should be here. We are no longer hosting new woofers, but return ones continue to ask to share in these acres again. And here is Erin and her amazing children, needing some green grass to experience while their Daddy does his job. 

While the world is swirling, and my own mind is swirling with this Pandemic we find ourselves in, and these young children and their Mama are dealing with a father continents away fighting for this country I love, we have carved out a small piece of respite and retreat. 

It’s a gift I must remembered we have. It is a gift I continue to share. 

And it had changed me. 

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