Monday, July 05, 2021

Processing Day 2021

It's nearing 7:30pm, and your watch says this:

You've processed 284 chickens and have almost 200 to do the following day, but you have to move your sheep. You are up on the highest hill on your farm with your husband. and you return to find that your dog has gotten into the chicken scraps and barfed ALL over the house :(

One more processing day to go.

To see our pictures from Processing Day 1 of 2, click here.

A huge thank you to the following volunteers:
  • John & Me and the four kiddos
  • Grampa and Grama K.
  • Entire Kotynski Family
  • Grampa "Bapa" Ed Kotynski
  • Jacob (wwoofer)
  • Mary Ann (wwoofer)
  • Erin Law & her two daughters
  • Nicole Gray & her two daughters
  • Jessica Price & her boyfriend, Bob, and her daughter
  • Tammy (from Yoders!)
We processed 284 chickens. This included 256 of our chickens from our Perkins-style tractors, 16 chickens from our friend Tammy, and 12 of our old layers. I'll try to get a weight average tomorrow.
A few notes on this year's processing:
1. The chickens from the NEW Perkins tractor averaged 4.43 pounds.
2. The chickens from the Suskovitch and Salatin tractors averaged 5.4 pounds

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