Wednesday, July 14, 2021

From yellow to teens

After battling some minor anxiety/depression during the last two months, I can "cautiously" say I think I have found my footing again. 

I have realized that there are three "zones" I can be in. I share this because I imagine it is true for many people. 

Red: A Zone I am rarely in. This is major depression that I have experienced mostly hormonally post-partum and also during my pregnancy with Hannah.

Green: I'm feeling like regular ol' Wendi, and I can do (nearly) anything!

Yellow: I'm struggling a bit and in danger of entering the red zone if I'm not careful.

I haven't been in the Yellow zone in a number of years so I didn't really recognize it when it happened. But John did, and we immediately put some things in place to get me out of the zone. 

I have been very honest that I have been on an anti-depressant, and we upped that med slightly. (I truly feel that it is important we are vocal about these things so that others don't feel alone in this world.) 

In addition to upping my meds, I also started working on resting everyday, saying "no" to some things I normally would have said yes to. Working on going slower and being more intentional. I also made some changes with technology and my time with the Lord that I believe helped. 

My nieces are staying in town with me for two weeks. They are 10 and 12 and such wonderful young girls. I am doing really well parenting six children I do believe.

I have, however, become aware, that I am entering a new ZONE of parenthood: teenagers! 

I always said my kids would never grow up.

But they have. :)

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TAV said...

I'm sorry you've been struggling. Between parenting young spirited kids, an exhausting job, worrying about the state of our country, and an isolating pandemic, it's been a rough few years for me! A friend recommended a book "Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest" (Edward Welch; which unfortunately I haven't read yet but intend to sometime. Prayers and hugs.