Tuesday, July 20, 2021

I feel like ...

... a big ol' hag. A nag. Like my voice could just be on recording and accomplish the same things all day. 

To raise your children RIGHT is NOT easy. People told me it would be harder as they got older and that's what I feel right now FOR SURE.

Little is PHYSICALLY exhausting. But now I am MENTALLY exhausted.

I was a high school teacher. I have never been "into" middle schoolers. And I have three middle schoolers (and one who thinks she is a middle schooler.)





John's schedule is contributing ... he's SO busy due to an overrun ER and an understaffed ER. He's had to take on extra shifts. 

I am also coming to understand more of what PTSD is. Both JB and I are. We are both realizing that COVID has left us with PTSD. When people talk to us about it now, we are left feeling "yucky" after the conversation. We don't want to talk about it at all but know that it is sometimes necessary.

I need a break.

Vermont is coming.

I NEED it.

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