Monday, July 26, 2021


It is my very favorite time of the year ... it is the time that we go to Vermont. 






It is the place where my heart sit downs. Where my soul rests.  

I am so excited to have the opportunity to go with my family to Vermont for our ninth straight summer! This year, my dear friend, Kelsey, will be joining us as well.

The farm, of course, doesn't just STOP.

Mr. Jacob is here. And we have another returning-wwoofer, Ms. MaryAnn here too. In addition, John's parents will be here to help and my nephew Gabe can also help if we need him. Anni and her foster daughter will be living at the farm while we are away. 

In addition, we have some other exciting news to share. A friend of mine (Erin) will be living on the farm with her two children for 6-8 months while her husband is deployed. We are excited about this for many reasons. For one, her children are the age of our kids and it will be good relationships for everyone. In addition, John and I are love to help the military community so to support Erin during this time, means a lot to us.

So as we leave, the farm is as busy as ever.

Life is never boring here.

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