Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

The first child to get up was Hannah: 5:15am. The rest trickled in, and by 7:00am, everyone was up and present opening had begun. Many of our presents from America hadn't arrived here yet, and there were still TONS of gifts. How amazing to be blessed like we are!

After present opening, we had a late breakfast cooked by Grama K. JB then made an amazing dinner. His coworker Dave joined our family and Mianna for dinner.

We let each of the kiddos pick out a present for their brother and sister this year. It was such a hit! Here is Abigail in her purple hat and mitten/scarf from Sidge and her little mermaid barbie from Isaac.

Grama and Grampa K. gave the boys these costumes.

We love Ms. Mianna (whom Abigail calls "Hi-anna"

Here is Mianna opening up her present from us. Check out Abigail

Jelly beans from Joni!

Dad's gift to Mom: a new camera!

Abigail checking out her stickers from Aunt Elizabeth & Uncle Grant

Ms. Mianna had a very important job: the package opener

Abigail LOVED her Mickey dress-up doll

I love organization stuff! Thanks Mom!

JB got a superman Under Armor shirt and I got this Wonder Woman -- I wore it running today. Fits great! Thanks Joni!

Pajamas from Papa and Grama Di. They loved them! (That's a piece of bread in Isaac's mouth -- lol.)

Aren't they beeeee-u-tiful!?

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