Thursday, January 17, 2013

At 18 months Abigail is currently ....

  • saying ball, mama, babies, dada, and some form of brothers, Scrubby, and Connie. 
  • trying new words/sounds all the time but none very clear.
  • loves to eat everything.
  • likes to eat with a spoon by herself (and does a pretty good job -- Aunt Connie taught her.)
  • loves her five baby dolls; sleeps with all of them.
  • still loves balls.
  • throws some very good screaming fits that we are working on.
  • walks down a few stairs completely by herself now without falling.
  • loves to be outside.
  • loves to go on adventures.
  • still taking 2 naps.
  • drinking milk and juice and water.
  • loves her brothers and wants to be just like them and be with them.
  • sleeping 7pm-6:30am.
  • loves to give hugs, sit on your lap, and be close to you.
So thankful for this little lady in our lives. What a miracle she is.

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