Friday, March 16, 2012

Eight Months Old

Today, Abigail Grace celebrates eight months in this world. As of today, she:

  • is crawling everywhere, army-style!
  • has successfully found the location of Scrub's water bowl.
  • loves electrical cords.
  • has figured out how to open the drawers of the entertainment center and pull stuff out.
  • is no longer sleeping in the swaddle. She is now in a sleep sack. 
  • takes 2 or 3 naps a day; usually a short morning snooze, a longer afternoon nap that often coordinates with her big brothers (when they actually fall asleep), and sometimes a pre-dinner siesta.
  • sleeps overnight from about 6:30p-6:30a.
  • always takes at least two good feeds a day (eight ounces); however the other bottle feeds are usually fairly sporadic; will drink two ounces or eight or one; she makes her will known by screaming and squirming when done.
  • is attempting to sign "all done". Recognizes the sign for "milk." We have been working on "more" and "night-night" as well.
  • is wearing size 3 diapers.
  • has two bottom teeth.
  • is wearing anywhere from 12month to 18 or 24month clothes depending on the outfit.
  • loves her mommy; prefers her over anyone else when she decides that's what she wants.
  • definitely recognizes her brothers, Scrubs, Daddy, and Hatice. 
  • is very opinionated. When she wants to be held, doesn't want to be trapped in the living, wants to stop eating, wants to not take a nap, wants a toy, she can turn on a scream like nothing I have ever seen and will cry and sob until her will is satisfied!
  • is sitting up unassisted.
  • will go from a sit to a crawl but she hasn't gone from a crawl to a sit yet.
  • is standing up assisted fairly easily
  • eats tons of things: baby snacks of all kinds, apple slices, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, carrots, crackers, bread, etc.
  • will laugh, hard when she is happy (ex: when JB comes home from work.)
  • has a little smirk that she can give that will totally melt you on the spot. 
  • has her Daddy completely smitten!
  • loves playing with bouncy balls -- chasing them around as they get away from her.
  • eats anything she finds on the floor; the smaller the better.

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Anonymous said...

This picture...! Abigail is totally adorable.