Thursday, March 03, 2011

Smiles and potty tales

Mommy: "Isaac, would you please put your shoes away?" (We have a drawer on a bench in the hallway where they put their shoes and coats.)

Isaac: (Picks up his shoes, turns, and hands them to Elijah.) "Ewijah? Would you please put my shoes away?"

Elijah: "Yeah. Izee. Shoes. Away." (Elijah then turns to go put the shoes away.)

Isaac: "Ewijah, you are a good helper."


It was my opinion that JB woke up cranky this morning. He disagreed. So when we playfully began asking the boys which one of was cranky, we hoped that they would settle the disagreement.

"Who is more cranky this morning?" I asked them. "Daddy or Mommy."

Elijah was busy eating. There is no breaking his concentration during that activity. But Isaac wasn't. He looked at both of us and answered, "I am!"

That, is probably true.


Potty training is going FABULOUSLY!
  • Isaac seems to be nearly perfectly trained. While I do put him in a diaper for naps and at bedtime, he is almost always dry when I get him up. He isn't going #2 as regularly as he used to, but he has been going, and we can't help but laugh when he sits down and says to us, "A big one is coming!" No accidents for him in two days. Lots of false alarms. But no accidents.
  • Elijah is not quite as reliable. He seems to need to feel his underwear getting slightly wet before he decides it's time to go to the potty. But yesterday there was only one small accident. (And quite honestly, it was his shirt that got wetter than his underwear. How does THAT happen?) He cracks us up because he needs to sit down on his potty all by himself. "Do it. Self." He also needs privacy if he is going to be getting serious about things (if you know what I mean.) He is quite wet after naps and bedtime which indicates to me he may not be completely ready to tackle this thing. But yesterday and today, so far, have been perfect. He will also go on the big potty. And he will make himself go anytime Isaac does so that they can BOTH have M&Ms* or Smarties.
*Did you know that M&Ms are a "new" thing here in Turkey. As a result they are VERY expensive (off-Base). A mid-size bag can cost you approximately $10USD! When I went to shop in the duty-free section of the airport, there was alcohol and M&Ms. M&Ms everywhere!!! Apparently they are so new that they are still taxed VERY heavily. Go figure.

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