Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kizkalesi (Castle by the Sea)

We've been sticking to our "do it while the weather is nice and Wendi feels good" adventure schedule. So this past Saturday we went to Kizkalesi.

The castle floating in the blue water 150 meters offshore from this eastern Mediterranean beach resort town -- is actually Kizkalesi. However, we took this picture from Korykos -- making this a two-castle town.

The sign outside of the castle. Once again, the English translation of Turkish is done so badly, you can barely read it. I will never understand why they don't find someone who speaks English to help check translations ... or spellings. The baseball fields here on Base all say "Keep Of The Grass." Sigh ...

I really believe that the boys need only a big pile of rocks to entertain themselves with. They LOVE rocks! Because they didn't have any pockets themselves, Isaac began "borrowing" my pockets to carry his treasures. "Daddy'll love this," he always says when he finds one when JB is at work.

More rocks. I find these things EVERYWHERE -- primarily in the seat cushions of their car seat and the couch.

No amount of rotating could get a good angle to demonstrate this picture from.

The three greatest "men" I know.

After our time at the castle, we headed to the beach. It went well until Isaac got wet. He was distraught with the idea of being wet and proceeded to cry for the next half hour or so.

You can tell from this photo how much Elijah cared about getting wet or dirty

But prior to the "wet times" the boys played like crazy in the dirt. I just love seeing my guys get dirty. Am I the only mom who thinks like that?

Building castles.

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TAV said...

I so admire your being adventurous with the kids! Model parents! :) I want to be like you! p.s. we are in Costa Rica right now (GREAT place to come with kids!!!) and love it! Thinking of JB as we go on our nature walks... and remembering our awesome S. Africa Safari.