Friday, May 09, 2008

We are "home"

Yes, we are now at my parent's home after quite a long day. Let me back up and provide some more photos that have wandered my way.

Here are some more photos from our family meeting on Thursday night.

Uncle Keith with me and cousin Grace

Aunt AD in the middle of talking to Isaac

Me with my Mom

So, moving on to today -- Friday. JB and I spent a lot of time at the hospital as we waited to get confirmation that Isaac was in fact going to be discharged today. For awhile there was some debate as to whether they were going to wait until Saturday afternoon for discharge. We took a brief break to have lunch at Bimini Boatyard (one of my favorites!) and rest at Roy & Joan's house while we allowed the lawyer, doctor, nurse, and social worker, to hammer out the details of his dismissal. But at 8:30pm we finally got word that, in fact, we could go home! Here are some photos from today. It looks like I am wearing the same shirt as yesterday, but it is actually a different one! Some people asked for more photos of me with Isaac so JB made a point to take some today. JB and I were able to spend a lot of time just the three of us in a room off the nursery.

And here are some photos after word came down that it was time to go!

JB changing Isaac right after we got word that we could go home. We are waiting for the lawyer to arrive.

Fritz (our lawyer) and our nurse going over the final details of the release.

Isaac in his car seat on the way home!

We are now back at my parents' house with Dad, Mom, Keith, and AD. Tomorrow, this will be "home base" while family comes to visit here. Thank you to everyone for all your love and prayers. We are doing wonderfully and are so glad to finally have Isaac with us.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone said yet that he is gorgeous!
I wanted to send you a song Mom K sang over her babies, that i copied: re-reading it has so made me think of you and Isaac:

Long ago and far away
I dreamed a dream one day--
and now--that dream is here
beside me
Long, the skies were overcast,
but now the clouds have past --
You're here--at last!
Chills run up and down my spine
Aladdin's lamp is mine--
the dream I dreamed was not
denied me
Just one look and then I knew,
that all I longed for long ago
was you!
Tante Jan

Amy T. S. said...

You gotta love a lawyer named Fritz. I do.

This is so much fun! You will be living on a cloud for months. Looking at your pictures brings back so many memories of E and our first days with him. Sometimes I still can't believe we're parents even after 18.5 months.

Keep the info and pics a-comin'.

Miss Bri is on my mind a lot, too. Prayers and hugs for her. (((((Bri)))))

Anonymous said...

John and Wendi have a boy!

Wendi and John,
What sweet pictures! I just keep scrolling through all of them looking at the joy in your faces. You know,there's a glow in your eyes that is pure love. And it is such a blessing to see!
Precious little guy-you make our hearts sing! Hug you later on today:)
love Grandma and Grandpa K

Anonymous said...

Hey Wen,
That smile of your is so big. lol.
You guys look so happy. I am so happy for you guys. After such a long journey God has blessed you with a beautiful son.
So tell me was the car ride home the absolute scariest thing ever? I remember ours 6 months ago. I was so scared. I must have drove 20 mph. Congrats again. Enjoy everyday, they grow up quick.
PS. tell your mom and dad hello for me. I dont know who has the biggest smile your mom or
Tony B. (FLA)

Anonymous said...

Okay... more tears!! How exciting that you're all actually Living together now!

What a beautiful baby... =)

Anonymous said...

Wendi, I don't know why but it just dawned on me that Mother's Day is this Sunday and you have your son home with you! How flippin' amazing is that?! I have been keeping up with your blog and can't help but imagine how extremely happy you are and that makes me tear up. So happy for you!
Lauren T. (Rogers)

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Tony, JB and I laughed hard at your comment ... we agree!!!

Lauren, having him before Sunday was a wonderful feeling for us. :)