Monday, October 10, 2016

Abigail Legos

This picture came out a little "sunny". We have an amazing sunrise right near our breakfast area, and it's difficult to even see if you sit in certain chairs. But you get the idea ...

I've never kept the lego obsession my boys have a secret. They are fanatics! For the last year, we have been renting sets from but the boys have decided to take a break. They are often busy building something else when the set arrives, and just want to do their own thing for a bit.

But as I prepared to discontinue to the monthly service, my little five-year-old blondie pipes in and says, she'd really like to rent some girl sets. So we did, and this little muchkin is doing it. She needs a little help, but she's putting together the sets like a champ. 

I love watching Abigail grow. She spent her first four years stuck to my thigh, and is now opening up and doing her thing. She is such a mixture of sugar and spice -- she loves ballet and doesn't think weddings and kissing are gross -- but yet she is always right in there with her two big brothers playing like boys do. 

I am not sure I ever tire of counting my miracles.

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