Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: The Truthful Story

I love supporting fellow military wives. Even though my husband is out of the Air Force now, I believe I will always be a military wife in my heart. And Helen Stine is just that. A military wife, author, film producer, and southern bred woman. 

(She spent 27 years as a military spouse while raising her children, traveling, and pursuing a career in early childhood education. Can I get an "Amen" from all my fellow military wives out there!?)

Stine and her husband own an independent film production company and produce films that carry the message of believing against all odds and the power of hope. It was with that same enthusiasm and passion that she penned her first novel: The Truthful Story. 

While this book is not a Christian book (and may challenge some of my fellow Christians with it's approach to the afterlife that comes through just a bit), I found this an incredibly sweet book that really did my heart good! I loved that the family was simple ... happy. That there was a Dad in the book who was a GOOD MAN. That there were mothers and daughters and siblings who loved each other and got along and were living life together. I enjoyed the family and enjoyed that they were mostly normal. And even though I wasn't raised like them, they resonated with me as I read.

I have very little doubt, after reading this book, that Stine will be writing much more. She is incredibly talented, a brilliant story teller, and incredibly thoughtful and profound in the message she portrayed. 

(I am also a sucker for books set in the era of books like The Help. This book has a similar feel as you read it.)

In addition, this book is currently running FREE on Kindle. Please give it a chance. I really think you will not be disappointed. As an avid reader, this was one I wanted to keep reading and did not easily put down. Simply a good, solid piece and a great work of a great author and a great era!

I truly look forward to seeing what else Stine has to offer!

 I received a free copy of this book from Smith Publicity, Inc. in exchange for my honest review!

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