Monday, October 31, 2016

We Bought a Farm: The Bauernhof has PIGLETS!!!

Vietnamese Potbelly x Gloucestershire Old Spot crosses = 5 females and 3 males!

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Jan in PA said...

Nothing is cuter - or softer - than a newborn piglet. Daddy raised pigs when I was little. One of my earliest memories is of being wakened in the morning by the sound of the pigs banging the trap doors on their automatic feeders. Also of a freezing, sleeting, Veteran's Day when the sows farrowed while my dad was away. Mama could not get the heat lamps in the hog houses to work, so she gathered up all the piglets in laundry baskets and brought them into the farmhouse and set them on the registers to keep warm until Daddy got home. It was a T-frame farmhouse with a coal furnace and big grates set in the floor to let the heat up from the basement. It was the only time I remember animals being in the house when I was preschool age. How cute were those basket of piggies!

Now, adult pigs are another thing altogether...