Friday, October 07, 2016

At Long Last ...

... I am reading to Hannah. 

(I actually asked Isaac to take this picture to prove it was happening!)

Hannah has been different from my other kids from the start. My boys LOVED to be read to. In fact, Isaac, from the time he was nine months old, would bring me books, and we would read for long periods of time every day. Sidge too. Abigail didn't enjoy it as much, but she was clingy and often sat on my lap, and I could read to her even if she was interested.

But Hannah?

I have tried to read to her, and now and then I can squeeze one book out of her. But basically, she didn't want me to read to her. She didn't ask me to read to her to her. And when I suggested it, she balked big time. Maybe I could talk her into one, quick little read. 

But the last few days she's been asking and bringing me piles of books! We are reading folks! Finally. I'm reading anything she brings me. I am loving it!

Okay, so to be fair, the new stuff hasn't been all good ... she also learned how to do the following things this week:
  • Say "Okay, okay, okay" when told to do something. (NOT okay with us!)
  • Roll her eyes.
  • Say "It's so unfair!" when told to do something. (NOT okay with us either!)
  • Use the word "Seriously?" when asked to do something. (Ummm, NOT okay!)
She continues to challenge us and leave us overwhelmed, but oh my do I love this little girl. And ohhhh how I love the chance to snuggle up with her for a good read!

She truly is a world changer. 

I love you little girl. I'm soooo glad I got humbled enough to become your Mama.

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