Saturday, October 22, 2016

First camping trip!

We took our "new" camper out for the first time this past week. We just went for two nights about two hours away in the Pisgah National Forrest to practice using the camper and figure out what we don't know, need to bring, etc. 

I have written about our camper previously. We found a great deal on an old 2001 camper and decided to purchase it. Hotel rooms for a family of six are terribly expensive (you can't get one room when you have more than 5), and we really want to see America with our kiddos who have spent much of their childhoods overseas. We are really hoping that we will be able to do that in the camper staying places for around $30 a night instead of $130+ a night!

Here are a few photos:

We got a double campsite for the first time to make sure JB felt comfortable pulling in and getting out. He did and said he doesn't need a double again!

The boys brought their pocketknives are were in charge of making the sticks for our marshmallow roasting.

Leave it to Hannah!

Having hot cocoa

Here's a fun video:

And a video of Hannah to make you laugh:

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