Thursday, October 20, 2016

The unruly home

Keeping the house a livable and welcoming place is a constant and challenging task. You are finally catching up with your laundry just to enjoy your beautiful empty hamper for a few hours before it piles up again after bath.

You deliberately decide to have a playroom to keep all the toys contained in one place but you forget your kids are free rangers who like to explore and don't enjoy being confined to a particular space.
So your day goes like this... CLEAN. ORGANIZE. REPEAT.

Every day

Every month

Every year

Sometimes you even wonder if there is any point to all of this work! Obviously, we need to maintain a minimum level of control and hygiene so our households don't become chaotic places, but I wonder if certain practices might make our lives easier.

I don't know what your personality is. Maybe organizing comes naturally for you, or maybe you are seriously overwhelmed by it. Whatever the case, your home and your mental health can benefit from reflecting and following these tips.

1. The more you own things, the more the own you! I find this so very true. The more you have, the more you want to acquire. Watch out for this! Stuff will not satisfy your soul. It will, on the other hand, distract you from the Only One who can truly make you feel fulfill.

Purchase what you need or what you find beautiful but in moderation. Simplify. Have a minimalist mindset.

2. De-clutter. Go through a room at a time and sort the items into piles:

Do this every few months.

3. A place for everything and everything in its place. Containers. Containers. Containers! Use baskets, boxes, bins, etc. to reduce the number of items you have lying around, then place them in the right location according to its functionality.

4. Find creative ways to store stuff to make your home more spacious and airy. Here are some ideas!

There are multiple options out there to get your house looking organized and put together. But not only that! Once every item has a place to belong to, your life will be easier. Not only would you be able to find things quickly, but also this "life style" will considerably reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning the house.

Teach and involve your kids in the organization process, so they understand the value of things:
- Show them how to take care of their things.
- Encourage them to save to purchase a desirable item so they grasp the cost of things.
- Allow them to participate in a garage sale to teach them to get back.

Studies showed that clutter affects your brain's ability to concentrate and process information. Clutter overloads your senses leaving you stress out!. If this is you... do something about it! You are just one decision away to take control of your unruly home. I can guarantee you will feel so much better and the upkeep of your home will be much less demanding!

 So... organize away!



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