Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mini Golfing

We've been meaning to take the kiddos mini-golfing for Isaac's birthday. There is no place near us, and it seemed we kept hitting a roadblock to getting everyone down to Knoxville or Gatlinburg to golf. This was a gift from Grampa and Grama Kit. for Isaac's birthday, and we finally got to go and do it. We wanted to go with everyone including Dad and Grampa, but that was where the roadblock kept occurring. So Mom and I finally decided to just go for it. We coupled it with a Costco run, and headed out!

(By the way, have I told you how much I love gifts that "experiences." I truly love when an experience "replaces" a gift. I have written about this on my blog previously here.)

However, mini golfing with four young children? You gotta stay really calm and breathe really deeply. I mean, you've give little kids a hard metal club and a hard ball. And they think they need to swing it like a bat no matter how many times you try and explain. Between balls flying everywhere, clubs going everywhere, and so many things that you aren't supposed to climb on or run under, and it was, as I remember it ... exhaustingly wonderful.

A rare moment of solitude.

Hannah spent most of the time, walking around, trying to throw her ball in the hole, and doing anything except playing golf.

Isaac definitely understood what needed to be done and was the best listener. Well done eight-year-old!

This was one of my favorite moments. There was a tiny little drain pipe on the side of this water hole, and Hannah decided to throw her ball in it. (She wasn't the first person as there was another ball in it as well.) I finally was able to retrieve it using a fingernail filer from Grama. That kid is always finding some sort of adventure!

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