Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Because of Isaac: Meet another couple!

We are so excited to add a THIRD couple to our website! Meet Chris and Renae: 

Chris, Ranae, & Annie

Chris and Renae were matched on E-Harmony and met in person in November 2004.  Married a year later in November of 2005, they were thrilled to start a family immediately.
Renae shares, “We were both in our 30s and both had a strong desire to be parents.  But month after month, we were so disappointed that our dream was alluding us.”
With their age and other factors weighing in, Chris and Renae sought out medical assistance shortly before their first anniversary.  They spent the next five years pursuing fertility treatments with the hope of having a biological child.  During the years of treatments, they also felt called to adoption and attended information sessions, speaking with adoption professionals, and seeking the counsel of dear friends who had adopted.
“In July of 2009,” Renae writes, “we moved to my hometown for a job transfer.  It put us farther from our doctor and clinic, and my new responsibilities didn’t allow for time off to pursue treatments.  In August, after we were all settled in, we had what we called a Come to Jesus moment.  Dear friends announced their pregnancy and while happy for them, we were devastated for us.  Chris asked if it would make me feel better if he said we were done trying to conceive.  I said yes.  And he said we were done.  It was literally as if a huge weight were lifted from our shoulders.”
The couple spent the next few months grieving their dream of conceiving a biological child and working on their adoption paperwork.  They officially started the process in January 2010 and were home study approved in April and were thrilled to be selected by an expectant mom in June 2010.  Chris and Renae spent the next two months building a relationship with the expectant mom only to be devastated by a failed placement when the baby was born in August 2010.
“We didn’t give up though,” Chris states.  “We were certain that God would not forget us or our desire for a child.  We knew He had a plan, and we were assured by one of our favorite Scriptures.  Psalm 27:13-14 states: Of this I am still certain, we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait on the Lord, be strong, take heart, and wait on the Lord.
And they waited.  Nine months to the day Chris and Renae found out about the failed placement, their daughter, Annie, was placed in their arms by her birth parents.
Now 3 ½ Annie is incredibly vocal about wanting a sibling.  Chris and Renae shared, “We have always said it would take a miracle for us to adopt again.  The expenses are overwhelming and we weren’t sure how we’d be able to do it.  And then we were connected with Because of Isaac – and we feel like this is our miracle.”
We now have three "current couples" on our website:

Chris & Renae
Kevin & Tessa
Joel & Criss

In addition, please continue to pray for one of our "graduated couples." Ryan & Briana have completed their fundraising and are now in the waiting stage -- waiting for a birth mother to choose them to become a forever family. No one can tell them how long this wait will be. It could be days or it could be months!

And of course, now is a great time to revisit our two "forever families." These two families are busy living the craziness of parenthood together with their adopted children:

Grant & Elizabeth
Steve & Teri

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