Saturday, December 27, 2014

Grama will love these!

I know my Dad and Mom are going crazy knowing all six cousins are finally together for an entire week and that they aren't here to see them in action. So my sister-in-law, AD, and I are taking as many pictures as possible. Here are some from Saturday:

Thor with a princess (Charleigh)

Abigail and Charleigh

All the kiddos watching a movie with Big Keith

Scrubby and Big Keith napping together. (Scrubs LOVES him!)

Time to play!

Three on one!

Sidge and Charleigh with our fun craft project (a gift from Mr. Yamil and Ms. Patty)

Five on one!

Craft time (AD soon came to rescue me -- this is stressful!)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Love it!

Grama di