Sunday, December 28, 2014

More for Grama

We are having SOOOOO much fun with the cousins here. The kids play so well together, Abigail finally gets some girls to play with, and Charleigh is a great leader who comes up with all kinds of fun adventures and games for the kids. Today, she decided to lead a performance that the grown-ups sat down to watch. My kids had never done anything like this before so by the time they reached the "stage", she had lost Abigail and Sidge to stage-fright. At least Isaac stood by and tried out this whole acting thing.

Here are so more fun moments in the last 24 hours!

JB got home from work last night and everyone lined up to take turns giving him hugs! (Hannah was already in bed.)

Abigail and Baylee (who are only about six months apart) playing some iPad games together.

Big Keith with Hannah early this morning. This picture absolutely cracks me up!

After dinner this evening, we all piled in the van to drive around the corner to see the big light display by our house. 


Anonymous said...

Charleigh reminds me so much of you, Wendi. I'm not sure if you remember but you were always having plays for us. Love these pics! I'm so glad you guys are doing so well together. I'm looking forward to Feb! Grama Di

Anonymous said...

THis is priceless...brings tears and a smile...just love the love and joy...May God surround your family w/ His favor like a sheild! xoxo Tante Jan