Thursday, December 25, 2014

Our Christmas Morning!

JB worked the night of Christmas Eve. This meant he stumbled in the door at 7:45am on Christmas morning. He had managed a two hour nap during a slow part of the night so he lasted until 11am before collapsing. Between the time he got home and went to bed, there was a lot to do! Grant and Liz were visiting from North Carolina with their twins. Ray and Gabbi and their two kids live about 30 minutes away. This meant that half of the Kitsteiner siblings were together for Christmas.

One of the twins, Eli, taking over the toy room.

Big brother twin Ethan with the same idea.

Hannah getting some snuggles in with Grampa.

Grampa and Grama got us a bell for the farm -- big enough to call everyone into the house even if they are 100 acres away!

A shirt from JB's sister Katie -- only my husband gets shirts about mushrooms.

Leave it to Uncle Matt to get the boys slingshots. (We knew the slingshots were coming but not actual "shots"!)

JB's oldest sister enjoying a beautiful picture from JB's brother Ray and his wife Gabbi.

Grace got a bunch of wonderful clothes and accessories from her cool Uncles and Aunts all over the US of A.

I love this picture of Grampa!

Hannah wanted to show Grama everything she got!

The girls in their new shoes. I LOVE these purple shoes on Hannah and Abigail is wearing new princess shoes.

One of the biggest gifts were three trees that Grant and Elizabeth got JB for the farm. These trees are already 3-4 years old, giving him a jump start on them.

Dad and Mom with one of the trees for the farm. I think Dad and JB were equally excited for these things.

The boys got a lot of joint presents. But it didn't seem to bother them in the slightest. Here they are looking at some Star Wars wall decals.

Hannah was very excited by these shirts and quickly jumped off Daddy's lap to show them to Grama.

This book from Uncle Eddie and Aunt Katie with an electronic "wookie" interpretation was very popular.

Abigail is explaining to her Dad why Hannah should never share this Frozen cup with her.


The boys with a cool box of Star Wars puzzles.

We let the three older kids pic out presents to give their siblings and grandparents. They were dollar store presents but the kids really enjoyed getting to "give." Here, Isaac is giving Abigail a hug. He said, "This is really the only time hugging her is okay."

Isaac labeled all his presents himself.

Sidge getting a Grama squeeze after she opened his present.

Grama got Isaac a shirt with a photo bomb of Darth Vader -- very appropriate for Isaac who is constantly photo bombing!

A few of us went in to get Nate tickets to see his favorite team -- the Miami Heat -- play a game in Atlanta in March. He was very excited.

Abigail got this cool Princess Leia tu-tu from our Eglin/Turkey friends Yamil and Patty.

Ray and Gabbi made Dad and Mom this awesome door with a family picture of each of her six kids. I loved this! (And it made Mom cry.)

More fun with the Wookie book.

Love how these guys are such buddies.

Glitter glue. Little girl is very happy. She got lots of stuff to color with.

Santa's gifts were two of these holiday Barbies that Mom managed to snag for a huge deal at 

Isaac helping Hannah open a present. She really wasn't into it much at all.

Such a sweet smile.

Abigail with some of her coloring stuff.

Santa brought these two lego sets. The boys loved them.

Love these priceless smiles.

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Anonymous said...

Hi wendi looks like you had an great Christmas Just wanted to comment on the bell you received it brought back great memories for me .My grandparents had one at the house on a lake here in Canada Whenever she wanted us they just rang the bell . Everyone on the lake new where it was coming from lol Hope you have fond memories with you bell