Monday, December 29, 2014

Princess Tea Party

Our local public library is the BEST! They were having a free princess tea party for the first 20 recipients, and I got Abigail and her two cousins signed up for it. They actually had an Elsa and Cinderella and bracelets to make and make-up to put on (!!!), and cupcakes and tea and lemonade. There was a story and karaoke too. What a wonderful morning. Check out some of our photos!

Peeking in before it was time to go in.

So excited!

Olaf joined us!

With Queen Elsa. This young woman did a fabulous job!!! Abigail was excited to see her and then gave her normal pout face during the photo. :) When Elsa asked Abigail her name, she simply pointed to the Belle button on her dress.

How pretty is this? And this whole morning was completely free!

My little Belle. 

Check out the make-up.

Pretty girl.

Lovin' the make-up. First time for everything I guess.

Just wanting a cupcake.

Story time.

Pinkies up.

I thought the event was an hour and did not pack appropriate Hannah snacks. When I realized it was two hours, they saved me with a cupcake for my girl. The only other one she had was on her birthday so she was quite ecstatic!

Forget waiting for pieces ... I'm going in.


Yum is right.
Abigail had mentally checked out by this point!
No Abigail.
Big Keith hung out for a bit and then took the boys and ran for it!

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