Sunday, December 21, 2014

Girls Nite out!

Once upon a time, JB and I were newly married and living in a little Duplex in Franklin, Kentucky. I was a school teacher at Franklin-Simpson High School and coaching basketball and volleyball. JB was running his graphic designing business out of his house while going to school full-time pre-med. 

And then my cousin Josh and his wife, Sarah, moved to the area. They were actually hoping to get closer to Nashville, but because Nashville is so expensive, opted to live in our town in Franklin, Kentucky. At the last minute, a guy across the street from us got evicted, and Josh and Sarah got their place!

It was truly two of the coolest years I will ever remember. We were the best of friends, living across the street, and just enjoying life as two young married couples. Josh and JB got along awesome, and Sarah and I were, from the moment we met, kindred spirits. We both love to talk and to eat and just in general  are people who love life and take things in stride. 

One of the reasons I was so excited about coming back to Tennessee was Josh and Sarah. They now have three children, and live about 45 minutes from us. Even though we don't see each other as often as we like, just having her close by again has been so wonderful. Josh is now a Pastor at a church, and Sarah works part-time as a music teacher.

A few weeks ago I hit a burnout point as a Mom. JB was working a lot, Grampa and Grama were on vacation, and I just had a small pity party for myself and the lack of breaks I received. My amazing husband told me to schedule a break. So I did. With the wonderful help of JB's parents (who are two of the most amazing people in the whole world may I add), Sarah and I were able to book a night away in Nashville. We stayed at a nice hotel, went to dinner at a newly opened Cheesecake Factory, stayed up talking and laughing way too late, and got to sleep until EIGHT IN THE MORNING!

I have been blessed by some wonderful people in my life and especially, a few women who have given me the incredible gift of friendship. How wonderful to get to take some time to enjoy one of my very best girlfriends!

And now, back to the real world!

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Jan Swisher said...

Wendi, thank God for wonderful husbands. It was breaks like you describe and just a day here and there to myself to go anywhere I wanted and eat any food in a restaurant of my choosing that saved my sweet spirit when Ben and Rachel were small (21 months apart) and when I was simultaneously working with a teenager--as precious as Thanh was as a teen! I have always loved that about my husband--his being attuned to how much I can take and his problem solving skills!!! I am so glad that you got to have some "Wendi" time (and with a bestie!).