Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Hannah is 15 months old!

I'm a few days late, but thought I would put a bit of an update to remind myself of our little girl at 15 months old. Hannah currently:
  • Has QUITE the vocabulary. She will try to repeat almost any word she hears. She especially will say a version of all of her siblings names, Daddy, Mommy, Grampa, Grama, Ball, and water. She has an "uh oh" and an "all done" and if she hears something, you will hear an attempt at imitation.
  • Does not want to watch any TV or videos. I know kids aren't supposed to watch them until 2 anyways, but with big siblings, I figure she would have by now. But she absolutely no interest and doesn't even look at them for moments.
  • Is a very particular eater. Doesn't want you to feed her anything and prefers fruit to anything else. She absolutely LOVES bananas. If she doesn't like the look of something, she doesn't eat it and usually just throws it right on the floor.
  • Loves to dance with Daddy holding her. And if he is singing, she will try to start singing too.
  • Has very few toys that hold her interest -- at least not for more than a minute or two at a time. 
  • Mainly spends her days seeing what she can get into -- looking for something to destroy or throw or slam or rip. We call her the "human tornado" or "destructo." 
  • Loves her siblings and will give them hugs without a prompt regularly. 
  • Has very little interest in Scrubs but will occasionally give him hugs or pets.
  • Loves, loves, loves to be outside. 
  • If you say "let's change your diaper" or "let's go to bed" or "let's go outside" or "let's go eat" she will go the the matching place (changing table, crib, back door, high chair etc.)
  • Is an absolute BEAR between 4-6pm. Her "bewitching hours" are fierce and full of much lamenting.
  • Has very little separation anxiety. 
  • Sleeps with a pacifier but is not allowed to have it out of her bed (or out of "resting" with us.)
  • Sleeps through the night 7pm-6am (sometimes 7am).
  • Naps only one time a day. Abigail was definitely taking two naps a day at this point, but I am thinking the total hours of daytime sleep is about the same (about 3 hours). 
  • Has quite a few signs. These include: all done, please, more, night-night, eat, and milk. 
  • Seems quite big and tall for her age.
  • Has hair that is just out of control. Putting it up is a requirement but the process is a full contact sport.
  • Weighs around 25 pounds (I think). 
  • Has no opinion about what she wears.
  • Is making some animal noises when they are imitated for her.
  • Seems to love Mommy the most but Daddy, Grampa and Grama are all pretty adequate for her.
  • Warms up to people incredibly fast. Very friendly and outgoing. Barely cries when I bring her to church nursery. 
  • Loves to be held and included in anything and everything you are doing. (It's her favorite pastime.)
  • Is an outstanding snuggler and hugger. Wraps her arms around you and squeezes.
  • Will "dance" when asked. 
  • Will clap.
  • Can tell you where her hair, nose, feet, and belly are. 
  • Will put her hands above her head when asked "How big is Hannah?"

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