Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Girls first slumber party

Last night, Keith and his family drove with me about 45 minutes away to have dinner with my cousins Josh and Sarah. Josh's parents (Keith and my uncle and aunt) were also in town. They had brought one of their other grandkids. Altogether there were 9 of the Huisman great-grand-kids in attendance. (I left Hannah at home!) These kiddos had a great time together.

Check out all those Huisman/Kitsteiner kiddos.

Silly time.

Dancing to the Frozen soundtrack.

Josh and Sarah's youngest daughter, MaryBeth has grown weary of watching her big brothers have a slumber party. She really wanted to have her first slumber party. Since I had three little girls over at my house, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to have some girl time.

Here is MaryBeth excited to get the party started!

Girls getting ready for bed. Abigail is on the left, then MaryBeth, and then Charleigh. Baylee is up on the couch. We watched a movie and had popcorn at night. (We let the boys join us for that part.) Then we shooed the boys to their room when it was time to sleep.

This morning they had a picnic right in the middle of the hallway! 

Sarah had warned me how exhausting slumber parties are. Holy cow. Not only was I exhausted but the little girl that I allowed to stay up too late nearly fell apart this morning with emotion! But was it worth it? Sure was!

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