Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What we've been up to with Joni

Isaac's birth grandmother is in town! Grampa and Grama K. get to live with us! Papa and Grama Di got to visit with us just a few weeks ago! And now ... Joni!

A picture of the three kids right after Abigail took Sidge's elbow to the nose!

This was our "Christmas with Joni" time. She brought presents for Christmas and thought she could put them on the couch to keep them from Hannah.

Yeah ... right.

Abigail looking at her Veggie Tale video with Daddy.

Sidge checking out his video.

Abigail was so excited to get Elsa. However, she was a bit confused as to how she could have Elsa without Anna.

Sidge and his Star Wars gift. Yes, he was just a WEE bit excited. 

What did Joni bring me? Well Mango bread from Florida! Not much I love more than Joni's mango bread.

And Hannah loved the mango bread too.

The boys quickly got going on their lego set. So amazing to see these guys work on this very complicated piece. It is designed for ages 9 and up, and it sure was challenging.

Isaac really took the lead on this one and was so determined and focused.

He needed a little help from Daddy and Joni, but overall, he did most of it himself.

Hannah's job? Not to mess with ANYTHING.

Isaac with his Joni.

These two have an incredible bond.

The finished product!

Loved seeing Sidge reading to his two sisters!

The boys wanted to teach Joni Hotels. I put a movie on for Abigail while we played, but what to do with Hannah? Well, let her play in the kitchen cabinets!

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Traci said...

What a beautiful family!