Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Boots are on the ground

"When the President of the United States promises America will have 'no boots on the ground' in Iraq or Syria, military members and their families don't take that phrase literally. He can't be saying that no American soles will touch the soil of either nation, because they already do. Do most Americans know this statement is about mission, not actual footwear location? Do they know he means 'no combat mission'? Military families do. They know plenty of boots -- combat or otherwise -- belonging to people they know and love are on the ground right now."

"My husband has had his 'boots on the ground' in hostile territory on multiple deployments. Yet, people who don't know any better -- and some who should know better -- throw around the phrase 'no boots on the ground,' as if boots like my husband's don't count. But they do. Boots are already on the ground, and they all have people standing in them."

Click here to read the entire article which explains the truth behind the 'no boots on the ground' phrase. 

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Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, that phrase makes my blood boil to the point I literally bite my tongue when I hear it for fear of what will come out of my mouth.