Monday, October 13, 2014

Snapshots of this week

Biggest news? Daddy is home from a Conference in California. This picture is quite comical because Sidge is just about to knock Daddy over. JB is trying to protect the baby and not fall on her. Welcome home honey!

So what have we been doing while JB is gone?
Well, Hannah has been talking and meeting everyone. As shy as Abigail was, this girl is the opposite. She LOVES to go up to all kids and grown-ups and get to know them:

Hannah is also obsessed with climbing and sitting. She loves this little table. She is either sitting in the chair, knocking the chairs over on purpose (and usually barely missing her toe), or sitting or standing on top of the table. I have given up trying to get her to stop climbing on top of things. It is a battle I don't want to fight because I don't think I can currently win it.

Hannah has figured out how to pull the books off the shelf. I have given up trying to stop her from doing it. My new strategy? At the end of the day, offer her three older siblings a monetary reward for helping me clean up a mess they did not make. Here she is getting a book that has been lost under the bookshelf:

Big brothers and sisters were busy while Daddy was gone too. Here they are all coloring the same castle together. (Somehow this did not result in any fighting or any tears. I am still not sure how that was possible.) 

Yes Hannah is over a year, and yes she is still on the bottle. Do not judge. :)


Katherine Ashe said...

That first picture with the kids in the airport is so beautiful! I love reunions!

Is Abigail your first climber? I gave up on trying to keep all of mine from climbing, too. Nothing I did could convince bay Joshua from leaping off the couch as a tike, so I taught him to throw the couch pillows on the floor and then jump. :)

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

She is SOOO flippin cute!!