Saturday, October 04, 2014

13 months

I usually don't do monthly posts after my kids turn 12 months old. But Hannah has started doing SO much in the last few weeks, I wanted to make sure I documented it. 
  • Hannah is saying "night-night" and making the sign for it (hand to her ear) as you can tell in this video: Night night
  • She is saying some sort of word for "Scrubby" ... sounds a bit like "Dub-ee."
  • When you ask for a kiss, she's ducking her head and saying "Na" and waiting for a kiss.
  • When you ask for a hug, she's wrapping her arm around you and putting her head on your shoulder.
  • She is clearly saying "Ma ma."
  • She is turning to find them when asked where any of her family members or doggie is. 
  • She is signing "all done" and "please."
  • She is climbing on EVERYTHING.
  • She doesn't want to play with any toys. She wants to get into cabinets, eat and destroy books, and carry a glass bottle of beer which was on the floor of the pantry into the kitchen.
  • The kids will say "Hannah alert!" when she is doing something dangerous. Yesterday I heard the alert and came to find Isaac and Sidge on opposite sides of the dining room table trying to block her from a fall. I thought one of them helped her up there, but she did it all herself climbing from a kids desk onto the top of the table.
Here are a few other videos you may enjoy:

Hannah meets slide
Isaac playing with Hannah
Sidge playing with Hannah
Hannah hugs Abigail

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